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Tricky Tray


7th Annual 'Cornucopia Creations' Tricky Tray


Save the date: Our 7th Annual Tricky Tray will be held on Saturday, November 14, 2015. Tickets for ICS families and their guests will go on sale shortly after the start of school. If there are any unsold tickets, they will be made available to the general public in early October. Last year's Tricky Tray sold out in just under three weeks, so be sure to order your tickets early. Be sure to "save the date" for this great evening out! 


We welcome new members to our committee too!  It's a great way to meet other ICS Moms and Dads and be a part of the fun!  If you would like more information on the Tricky Tray itself or are interested in learning more about joining the committee or have a donation for the event, please contact Anne Keele at adonoghu@its.jnj.com or Cynthia O'Connor at croconnor@gmail.com.  


Want more information about our Tricky Tray? Click here to read our "Tricky Tray 101" guide.


Donations for this year's Tricky Tray are now being accepted. To learn how you can help, please read our Tricky Tray Donation document.